10+ ways to improve Employee Retention

In this podcast episode, Krish discusses employee retention and the overall employee experience. He shares insights and tips based on his experience in software development and running a startup. The conversation covers various topics such as job descriptions, recruiter reach out, interview processes, communication and feedback, onboarding, promotions and pay raises, time off policies, equipment, happiness check, training, engagement, restructuring, and moving on. Krish emphasizes the importance of treating employees as individuals and creating a positive work environment.


  • Job descriptions should be engaging and reflect the company culture.
  • Recruiters should reach out to candidates in a personalized and clear manner.
  • The interview process should be well-defined and relevant to the role.
  • Regular communication and feedback are crucial for employee satisfaction.
  • Onboarding should be seamless and include necessary resources and support.
  • Treating contractors and consultants with respect and clarity is important.
  • Promotions, pay raises, and titles should be personalized to meet individual preferences.
  • Time off policies should be flexible and considerate of employees’ needs.
  • Providing the right equipment and tools for work enhances productivity and satisfaction.
  • Engagement activities should be tailored to the team’s preferences and promote a positive work culture.
  • Restructuring should be handled with empathy and transparency.
  • When moving on, employees should give notice and assist with the transition process.


00:00 Introduction

01:42 Job Description

04:46 Recruiter Reach Out

08:52 Interview Process

12:23 Communication and Feedback

13:21 Onboarding Process

15:21 Treating Contractors and Consultants

17:05 Feedback

18:05 Promotions, Pay Raises, and Titles

20:24 Time Off

22:01 Equipment

25:31 Happiness Check

27:00 Training

28:30 Engagement

30:59 Restructuring

34:36 Moving On

35:36 Conclusion


Check out the transcript here.

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