I loved Adam Grant’s Tweet.

(And the essence of that tweet prompted me to write this article)

“What if we reversed that, and started planning our work around our lives?”

If we are able to do this. When, we are able to do this. If we make being able to…

I ran into an interesting problem recently. After several hours, I identified the issue and found a way to fix it as well.

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If one of the things you do is create campaigns on Social Media platforms, my recent experience may resonate with you. Keep this in mind!

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com!

(Apologies for the wind noise — it was very windy!)

We all recognize the fact the pixel pushing is time consuming, and if you are a smallish team trying to move mountains, it could be a bit of a pain as it consumes a lot of time.

But, one thing is for certain. You are going to save time (and a lot of it) if you did it right the first time around rather than add TODOs in the code to revisit them later.

We’ve made a number of UI/UX enhancements to our Web Platform, and we hope to deploy them this weekend.

Check them out on https://snowpal.com! Managing projects should be quick, simple and fun. Not complex, boring or overwhelming!

One school of thought is if you’ve done a certain way a certain way in the past and it worked, there’s no good reason to change it.

Another school of thought is that one should always question how we may have approached a certain problem in the past and continually look for ways to improve it.

While I don’t know if one is better than the other, I know where I stand!

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com!

Polyglot Programming can be loosely defined as a programming methodology where you pick the right language, library or framework that best suits the needs of the given problem (and in particular, not let your “current” stack drive that decision).

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com.

Starting dart version 2.12.0, there is support for null safety. Added to type safety, this will make flutter even more compelling. Having said that, it will take some work for an existing app to get there.

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com.

When you are building a new app, you are bound to assess a variety of options available to you. Some of these choices are going to stick around with you for a while so it is imperative to make the right choices (with the information available at that point).

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com

Setting up push notifications on a mobile app takes a bit of time the first time, and then onwards, you shouldn’t have to do much. Ideally.

Firebase Messaging

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com.

We all agree (I think!) that code commenting is essential. But, how much of it do we need, and how do we go about it? And why it is stack agnostic.

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com.

Krish Palaniappan

I am a Software Developer and Architect, and run the engineering team at Snowpal. Use our Web and Mobile Apps to manage all your projects!

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