Do not compare. Unless it is with yourself.

  • When in high school, everyone I knew applied to a variety of colleges, and had plenty of plans. I had none. I just completed my board exams (as we used to call them back in India), and applied to a couple of colleges one of which was a school I didn’t even know existed (BITS, Pilani) till I actually applied for it.
  • In college, everyone worked hard to get a GPA higher than everyone they ran into, walked with, ate with, or socialized with. I did what I could (and it wasn’t necessarily very pretty).
  • Back in college, when everyone applied to do Engineering or MBA in the US, I chose Hospitality Management. And there was more than 1 person who asked, “Are you sure?”, to which my response was, “Not really but let’s see how goes”.
  • When in Houston, TX, everyone said, “Switch to Computer Science if you want to find work”. To which I thought to myself, “Maybe, but not till I find my calling. It has to happen organically”.
  • When I applied for jobs, most people said, “If you want to do something interesting, go to the Bay Area”. My first job was in North Canton, OH. And if I had to go back 2 decades and start all over again, I would pick the same company and same team.
  • A few years into my career, I was advised on how to plan my career so I could grow. Grow into a Manager, then a Director, then someone higher than that (sorry, my knowledge of management hierarchy ends there :)). I didn’t feel the urge to do any of that so didn’t.
  • One day, we ran into a business problem that we had an interest in solving. So, we incorporated Snowpal. We had 1 idea. It took us many attempts to get it out the door. But eventually we did. And we couldn’t be happier that we managed to do that.
  • We didn’t expect to have the breadth of features we actually do have now. And it’s growing everyday. We didn’t expect to have 5 other ideas. We didn’t expect to be in a situation where we sometimes catch ourselves wondering why the day didn’t have 48 hours so we could do more.



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Krish @

Krish @


I am a Software Developer and Architect, and run the engineering team at Snowpal. Use our Web and Mobile Apps to manage all your projects!