Harris Jayaraj (Tamil Composer) — why he inspires me.

Let’s talk a bit about Harris Jayaraj (who in my opinion is one of the most prolific, yet underrated, composers in Tamil cinema).

Here’s a few reasons he inspires me, and should inspire you as well (even as someone who doesn’t understand Tamil, or has a taste for Tamil music).

  • Longevity: He’s been composing music (in a highly competitive industry) for over 2 decades.
  • Uniqueness: Despite walking into a industry monopolized by a handful of composers serving a population of over 75M, he established his own style of music (trust me, the odds were hardly in his favor).
  • Simplicity: Cinema is one of almost only 3 big things in India when it comes to making a ton of money (historically) where looking (way) up to celebrities and hero worshipping is not uncommon. So, being level headed when you have more than adequate fame and money is even more challenging there. I am yet to see a video or read anything that tells me that Harris is anything but a very simple person.
  • Commitment: Despite all the jokes about his style of music where he sticks to an almost singular pattern for years (which is not entirely untrue!), he continues to give his very best and this latest song of his (as not so different as it is from the rest of his songs) has left me absolutely captivated that it’s been in repeat mode since it’s release.
  • Not being intimidated: This to me is the most important trait. Making a living in an industry filled both with politics, power and another ridiculously talented composer (Oscar, Grammy winner: A. R. Rahman) certainly can’t be easy. Not being intimated by forces outside your control & backing your skills day in and day out is imperative to a meaningful, successful life.
  • When you hear or read about Tamil music, there’s a real chance you may not read about Harris Jayaraj. That’s one more reason he inspires me. You can do great work and not be noticed but that shouldn’t ever discourage you from doing wonderful work. You owe it to yourself.


At https://snowpal.com, we don’t compose music. We do appreciate it immensely though. It keeps us going everyday so we can bring more features to you. Like the 2.0 features coming very soon.



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