How hard can it possibly be?

  • User can swipe right to left and when they do, 2 menu options should appear.
  • When you click on one of them, it should allow you to forward the email and when you click the other, it should archive it.
  • Can the user only swipe from right to left, or can they do vice-versa? And if they did that, what should happen?
  • If the user starts swiping but doesn’t complete the action till they dragged it all the way to the very left, what should happen?
  • If the user swiped & performed an action but realized they were on the wrong item so wanted to undo, will they be able to do it? And if so, how?
  • Can they perform bulk actions? If so, is that a mutually exclusive action agnostic to the individual swipe?
  • After they swipe on one of the emails, say if they swiped on another. Will the subsequent action need to reset the state so the first one is now un-swiped?
  • Do we need to support multiple email accounts where each of them is rendered as a separate category? And if we did that, what should happen when a user swipes on one of the emails in each of those sections? Will that result in a reset of all states (of all other sections)?
  • And there’s a few more I can think of off the top of my head but you get the idea.



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