How important are we? (hint: Astronomy)

“My latest project — The Milky Way taken from the shores of Wachapreague, Virginia in August, 2021 blended with a photo of the Reynisfjara black sand beach, Iceland taken in August 2018. — Hari Doraisamy”
  • Iceland: A country I’ve always wanted to visit, even as a kid. And I sure hope to, one day.
  • Astronomy: The idea of planets, galaxies, and beyond has always fascinated me even if the only aspect of them I actually “understand” is the sheer enormity of distances. 3 million miles away, 10 light years away, and along those “distant” lines…
  • India is about 10K miles away from the US.
  • Every roundtrip is about 20K miles.
  • 10 roundtrips would be 200K miles, 150 roundtrips would be 3M miles.
  • It takes about a day to get to India, and another day to get back. And even if merely for the sake of humoring this line of thought, we took a roundtrip as lasting about 3 days (with a tiny bit of buffer between landing and takeoff), it would take about 450 days to complete the trip to this mystery star.
  • That’s about a year and 3 months, and if you love trading, it is 5 AAPL Earnings Releases.
  • If a 5-hour plane ride to Iceland could likely feel like lightyears away to some of us who don’t travel much (read: ever), and comfortably provide a lot of cultural and culinary differences, what might 7500 hours of continuous travel bring?



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