Is a college degree worth it?

The “why a college degree may not be worth it after all” part first

  • Colleges do not appear to prepare students as well as they should for the real world. Not even close.
  • Even when they intend to teach the right set of things, they appear to fall flat and do it plain & simply wrong.
  • The system appears to be designed from the ground up to actually take credit for their students’ innate intellect as opposed to adding concrete and measurable value to them.
  • Ultimately, if a student had it in them to succeed, it appears as though they would do it regardless.

Now, to the “why a college degree is actually worth it” part

  • What comes out of college is not limited to academic learning, at least not a good number of us. They teach us how to survive in the real world, even if inadvertently so.
  • They show your potential employers you have it in you to make the commitment and see it through (school was required so that doesn’t say much but college was optional, and yet you saw it through).
  • It gives you an opportunity to find out what you really don’t want to do in life (at a time when you are mature enough to understand things)!
  • It gives you lifelong friendships and memories (school may do this too but college somehow seems to go a few yards more).
  • Last but not least, it will be many more years before a high school grad is looked at the same way as a college grad when it comes to the job market so yeah, you really need that piece of paper: the diploma.



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