Its 2024. Software Development has changed. Completely.

In this conversation, Krish discusses the need for software development to evolve. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to change and exploring new ways of doing things. Krish also highlights the role of AI in software development and the potential benefits it can bring. He encourages reevaluating problem-solving approaches and finding more efficient ways to document and create tickets. Ultimately, Krish emphasizes the need to embrace change and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving software industry.


  • Software development needs to evolve by adapting to change and exploring new approaches.
  • AI can play a significant role in improving software development processes and delivering solutions more efficiently.
  • Problem-solving approaches should be reevaluated to ensure they are still relevant and effective.
  • Efficient documentation and ticket creation processes can enhance productivity and collaboration.


00:00 Introduction
01:01 Adapting to Change
03:54 Reevaluating Problem Solving
05:18 Approaching Documentation
06:40 Efficient Ticket Creation
07:08 Embracing Change



  • Discusses the need to adapt to changes and explores the two approaches to software development: traditional methods versus evolving methods utilizing AI.
  • Mentions the incorporation of AI tools like GitHub Copilot and its impact on productivity.

Importance of Embracing AI:

  • Emphasizes the significance of integrating AI into software development processes.
  • Talks about Snowpal’s plans to venture into AI development and stresses the genuine integration of AI for tangible benefits, not just for trendiness.
  • Encourages reevaluation of problem-solving approaches in light of AI capabilities.

Rethinking Documentation and Workflow:

  • Discusses the necessity of rethinking documentation practices and workflow methodologies to align with modern software development trends.
  • Highlights the importance of efficiently translating requirements into actionable tasks, such as GitHub tickets, with minimal human intervention.
  • Indicates the need for seismic shifts in how requirements are documented and tasks are managed.


  • Concludes by reflecting on the evolving nature of software development and the imperative for continuous adaptation.


Check out the transcript here.

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