Poker Analogy Series (2/3): What poker teaches you about the importance of adaptability

In this podcast, Krish Palaniappan draws an analogy between poker and software development, focusing on the theme of longevity. He emphasizes the importance of committing to the game for extended periods of time in order to learn and make better decisions. This concept applies to both poker and software development, where time and experience play a crucial role in achieving success. Krish shares his personal experience with building a company and highlights the challenges and rewards of long-term commitment. He concludes by emphasizing the need for consistency, patience, and continuous improvement in both poker and software development.


  • Committing to the game for extended periods of time allows for better decision-making and learning in poker and software development.
  • Time and experience are crucial factors in achieving success in both poker and software development.
  • Building a successful company and reputation requires long-term commitment and overcoming challenges.
  • Consistency, patience, and continuous improvement are key to achieving success in poker and software development.


00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:26 The Importance of Longevity in Poker

03:18 Applying Longevity to Software Development

05:13 The Role of Time in Business and Investing

06:09 Personal Experience with Longevity

07:31 Overcoming Challenges and Building Reputation

08:52 Consistency and Patience

09:51 Summary and Conclusion


Check out the transcript here.

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