PS1: Rahman’s new release, and new learnings for me

  • You can do it for 3 decades.
  • You can still love what you do.
  • You can still be passionate about what you do.
  • You can still choose not to compromise on quality.
  • You can choose to take risks.
  • You can choose to deviate from accepted norms and standards.
  • You can choose to worry about exceeding none else’s expectations but yours.
  • You can choose to be original. Always.
  • You can choose to want to do the same thing, over and over and over again, but a little better every single time.
  • You can chase your dreams.
  • You can be honest.
  • You can make a difference.



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I am a Software Developer and Architect, and run the engineering team at Snowpal. Use our Web and Mobile Apps to manage all your projects!