You are never too late to the game.

Do we have all the infrastructure we ever need despite living in the most advanced nation in the world?

Heck no.

  • Even if we simply took roads as an example, a lot of roads need improvement (perhaps not this one!).
  • There’s no dearth of new ones that need to be built (plenty of new communities coming into existence as we speak).
  • And so on.

Similarly, do we have software solutions for all problems one could think of even as of today?

Heck no.

  • A lot of products are dated, or simply dysfunctional.
  • Plenty of them fall way short of delivering to their promises.
  • A ridiculous number of problems still remain unsolved.
  • We haven’t discovered the rest of the (infinite number of) problems.

So, if someone tells you that you are late to the game, you should do one thing — Ignore them!

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I am a Software Developer and Architect, and run the engineering team at Snowpal. Use our Web and Mobile Apps to manage all your projects!