You do not work at FAANG. You are disheartened. But, don’t be!

  • No, you definitely do not need to work for any of these companies to do meaningful & exciting work. There’s numerous other options.
  • Yes, it’s likely that these companies provide a very compelling environment for learning but that may or may not work for everyone.
  • Yes, I love to build complex software and have done my best to always find work that challenges me. I have never looked to live in comfort zones yet I have never, ever yearned to work for any of these companies either.
  • Yes, I have been able to do work that has kept me more than motivated, and thrilled over the years, and none of them have had anything to do with the glamor or status associated with these big names.
  • No, I don’t enjoy competing with others. I see myself as my only competition. And for someone like that, I am rather skeptical that these much sought after companies would actually even work.
  • No, an email address ending in, or means literally nothing to me.
  • To enjoy your (work) life, what you need is definitely not what someone else you know needs. You will need to take the difficult path to find out what you really need. It takes time, and it changes all the time.
  • To be challenged, excited and happy, you certainly need to work with folks who know more than you. You need to work for yourself, or for companies that you connect with at various levels (people, engineering, technology, location, pace of work, remuneration, and a lot more). These companies don’t need to be multi-billion or multi-trillion dollar entities.
  • Night Shyamalan is able to create wonderful movies at ridiculously low budgets working out of Philly. He didn’t need to move to LA. You don’t need to move to San Francisco (if you don’t have the compelling urge to).
  • The sheer beauty of Software Development is that you don’t need too much to get going. You don’t need a lab, or chemicals to be wary of, and there aren’t too many (if any) dangers to avoid. You just need a decent machine, a decent-enough idea and a lot of passion (a lot of it!). That will give you a lot more satisfaction than running a race you perhaps don’t really want to run. Trust me.



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I am a Software Developer and Architect, and run the engineering team at Snowpal. Use our Web and Mobile Apps to manage all your projects!